Frequently Asked Questions


COVID-19 (If this section contradicts below, this section takes precedence, hopefully we will be back to normal as soon as conditions allow)

  • The club is currently closed to new members, but we are working on starting soon. If you are interested please still apply via the membership section, we will endeavour to get you started as soon as we can, but there is currently quite a long wait.
  • At present we are unable to show you around unless you email the club to make an appointment.
  • If you have any question not listed below, please email the club, we will get back to you as soon as we can. We are a club run entirely by volunteers, please be patient.
  • If you are a vulnerable member looking to make an appointment for a sheltered session, please contact the Secretary or Chairman via the usual channels.
  • Masks are no longer mandatory within the club, however they are still suggested for busy times or within small spaces. Hands, Face, Space.

What Ranges do you have?

  • A 4-lane 10m air range suitable for .177 air pistol and rifle.
  • A 4-lane 25yrd live range suitable for .22LR prone rifle, this also has a facility for 2 benchrest shooters if required.
  • A 4-lane 20yrd range suitable for .22LR Lightweight Sport Rifle or .177/.22 air pistol and rifle, this also has turning targets for timed competitions.

What is the maximum calibre of ammunition that can be used on the ranges?

  • .22LR is the only live calibre that we use
  • .22 is the largest air calibre that we use

Do I need a Firearms Certificate to join?

  • No, you do not need a firearms certificate to join or to be a member, although once you have full membership you can apply to Devon & Cornwall Police Firearms Unit for one.

What happens once I have returned my membership application form?

  • Devon & Cornwall Police are sent your details for vetting.
  • Your referees are contacted.
  • If there are no issues highlighted, then you are put onto the waiting list for the next available probationary course.
  • An email will be sent to you advising your start date and what to bring on the first night.

Can I have a look around before joining?

  • Yes, you are welcome to have a look around by prior appointment. Please email or telephone the club to arrange.

Is there a waiting list to join?

  • Yes, there is currently a waiting list of 6 – 12 months to join as we have a large number of applicants at the moment. The sooner your Membership Application Form is received, the higher up that list you will be, please see How to become a member to download the form.

How long is the probationary period?

  • The probationary period is 6 months. For the first 2-3 months you will have to attend on Monday evenings only, once you are deemed safe you will be given permission to attend on any of the other club nights, and / or the first and third Sunday of the month (1pm-4pm) instead.

What happens on my first probationary night?

  • Registration, payment, and paperwork are completed.
  • Your photograph is taken for our records and your membership card.
  • Your photographic ID is checked and recorded.
  • An induction / safety presentation is given.
  • You will be taken to one of the ranges to start to learn to shoot.

Does the Club supply everything I need to shoot?

  • Yes, most of which is included in your membership fee. The only exceptions are ammunition and refreshments, which are available from the Club at less than normal retail prices.

What is the cost of membership?

  • Adults £240 per year
  • Juniors £120 per year
  • This can be paid as a one-off payment, or spread monthly via standing order.

Are there any hidden costs?

  • No, see above.

Do you accept Credit/Debit Cards? 

  • Yes we do, including contactless, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Can I have temporary membership?

  • No, we do not offer temporary membership. To become a member of this Club you will have to complete a 6 month long probation of regular attendance. Once deemed competent, you may become a full member.

Do I need my own guns?

  • No you do not need your own firearms as the Club has an excellent selection of suitable guns, which are free for member’s use.

Do I need to wear any special clothing?

  • Although some shooting disciplines require special clothing, this is not something that you will need initially.
  • You are advised to wear comfortable clothes, and flat soled covered footwear.

Do I need to belong to any organisations?

  • You do not need to belong to any organisations, as the Club is affiliated to the NSRA, the UKPSA and the DCSRA.

Do I need insurance?

  • No, our NSRA affiliation covers you while you are a member of the Club.

Can I use my own firearm / air rifle or air pistol?

  • Yes, subject to it being vetted as safe and suitable to use in the Club by one of the Club officials.

Can I use my own ammunition?

  • Yes, subject to it being vetted as safe and suitable to use in the Club by one of the Club officials.
  • We prefer you to use Club supplied ammunition, as this is safe, good quality, and normally cheaper than you can buy elsewhere.

At what age can I join?

  • Applicants 11 years and over can join, subject to the ability to handle the guns safely.

Are Duke of Edinburgh / Scouts catered for?

  • Yes, we have had many D of E and scout members, and even large groups of the same over the years, please email or call for details.

I have a disability, will this be accomodated?

  • Yes, if possible we will accommodate any applicant with a disability, we currently have members with disabilities. Please email or call to discuss if and how we can meet your needs.

Can I have a try before I join?

  • No, due to Home Office regulations, we are unable to offer this.

Can I buy a shooting experience for a friend / relative as a present?

  • No, this is not something we offer.

Can I just shoot airguns?

  • Once you are a full member, you can shoot whichever of your own, or the Club’s guns, that you wish, subject to them being suitable as above. However to become a full member you must show competency and safety on all ranges and in all disciplines, this will include live as well as air guns.

01803 445 872

Opening Times

Monday  * Closed
Tuesday 19:30 – 22:00
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 19:30 – 22:00
Friday 19:30 – 22:00
Saturday Closed
Sunday (1st/3rd) 13:00 – 16:00

* Monday nights are reserved for new members courses and special group events only.